Richard is a professional and knowledgeable at what he does. He listens to his future customers needs and is easy to work with. His crew is easy to work with and like Richard very detailed. I really like that they go above and beyond to insure the customer gets projects done right and on time. No surprises. I DON'T regret my choice!

I had Rick Turner install Blow In Insulation on an older home with small attic doors. No problem. He installed the insulation and did not leave a mess. He came in right on price for more than I thought I was getting. Good guy to work with.
~Maria M Presslauer, Tulsa

We started construction on a new home over a year ago and had Rick Turner and his team complete foam insulation throughout our house. I could not be more pleased with my choice to work with them to install foam insulation for our house. Their team was fast, efficient, and affordable. The difference in our heating/cooling bill is incredible! Our bill has been nearly cut in half compared to the costs in our old home that was more than half the size. I would highly recommend spending the extra costs up front for quality insulation because it will pay for itself over the years.
~Ashley Henson, Broken Arrow

Rick Turner and his crew are amazing! As I sit here and type this review, the temperature in my home is FINALLY even and my air conditioner is not constantly running. Last summer I had new windows installed which helped my home's efficiency, but yesterday my insulation was blown in and the difference is amazing! Rick is very knowledgeable and gives his customers a lot of options to increase home efficiency. I had the old insulation vacuumed out and new insulation blown in. I also had two solar fans installed on my roof to increase air circulation in the attic to help release the hot air. I never knew there was such a thing but Rick offered it as an option and its great. He and crew were easy to work. They showed up on time and everything was done correctly. They worked hard with very little breaks in order to get everything completed in a timely manner. If you are looking to increase your home's efficiency, this is the company for you. Free estimates and Rick takes the time to explain options. I am so glad I invested in quality insulation with a quality company.
~Kelley A Quinn, TULSA
Blown-in Insulation

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